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March 18, 2014

Doodle Winners

The original Spud & Chloë Pencil Bag.

Last week we shared the creative ways our staff has customized their Spud & Chloë Pencil Bags–then we asked you to comment for a chance to win a Pencil Bag of your very own. Our five lucky Doodle winners are:

Kathy, “This reminds me of all the drawings and markings on my school notebooks – such fun that was.”

Cynthia, “I would love to be able to doodle on my own pencil case! I’m thinking balls of colorful yarn to surround the donor sheep!”

Jill, “Hooray for pencil bags… I could see a background of balls of yarn on mine!”

Whitney, “Too cute!!!”

Kaye, “Ohhh, that little pencil case is way too cute! I also love how everyone decorated theirs. I would probably decorate mine with hexagons in a variety of colours!”

The Whole Spud & Chloë Gang cannot wait to see how you choose to adorn your canvas Pencil Bag.

And don’t forget to get your pencil bag ready… we’ll have more doodling fun down the road!

March 13, 2014

Doodle Love Team Project!

The Whole Spud & Chloë Gang had a lot of fun doodling our very own Pencil Bags.

And knitters and crocheters need a notions bag. Something with a sturdy zipper and just enough room to hold all the little things we accumulate: stitch markers, scissors, tapestry needles, and other bits and bobs.

And of course, we want it to be fun and functional.

The Spud & Chloë Pencil Bag fills all the requirements mentioned above and is cute as can be with our gal Chloë and her best pal Spud adorning the front.

The original Spud & Chloë Pencil Bag.

It’s also the perfect canvas (literally) for a little colorful creativity…

We all added our own unique flair!

Pencil Bags crafted by the Whole Spud & Chloë Gang!

It all started when Sarah, our jill-of-all-trades, used markers to brighten up her bag with this cool plaid pattern…

That inspired Linda, our head honcho, to go a little wild with watercolor…

Nate, our picture dude opted for abstract and I, your social media maven, went the realistic route with a farmyard scene… 

Trent and Jason, our fearless shippers, went with a Minnesotan sports theme incorporating snowmobiles, hunting, and hiking…

‘Ria, resident customer service gal, stenciled on a background of bubbles…

We had so much fun making these pencil bags unique for each of us. How would you dress up your bag? Pull out the Sharpies, paint, embroidery thread, or whatever other creative tools you can think of to do your own decorating.

To nab your own Pencil Bag, visit your LYS. Or head over to Fabulous Yarn, they have them in stock!

Now here’s the really exciting part! Leave a comment on this post (one per person please) and five lucky winners will receive a Pencil Bag of their very own to doodle on.

Stay tuned and have your Pencil Bags ready… we’ll be having a doodling contest with you down the road.

July 18, 2013

This is Your Brain on Knitting


Photo © Knitic

Your brain waves translated into the stitches and patterning of a scarf–what a beautiful marriage of science and art!

(Click here if you cannot see the video.)

For the first NeuroKnitting case study, Bach’s “Goldberg Variations” Aria and its first seven variations were used. If you would like to listen to the music that inspired these brain waves, click here.

Photo © Knitic

The EGG measured relaxation, excitement, and cognitive load to “make tangible our implicit states.”

Don’t you wonder what the same scarf would look like if different music been used?

Or perhaps reading? What if you were reading about NeuroKnitting?

To get truly meta, one might use the EGG to monitor their brain waves while knitting… to be translated into a knit scarf!

Visit the Knitic website.

April 3, 2012

Keep Calm Spud

Photo copyright Jennie Gee (Etsy storefront jenniegee)

As knitters and crocheters, yarn seems to permeate every part of our lives. From yarn storage solutions to the way we decorate our homes. “Keep Calm and Carry Yarn” is a personal favorite motto and seems like a must have piece of inspiration for my work and knitting areas.

Keeping Calm seems to be every where these days. It starts a person wondering, where did such a perfect little idea come from:

This concept, of Keep Calm and Carry On does resonate. From the classic World War II poster to every modern update and twist for people’s favorite things.

Of course, if carrying yarn isn’t helping that day, there’s always my personal standby:

Photo copyright Kat Ammann (Etsy storefront CheshireKat)

Take care Spud & Chloë Pals

March 16, 2012

A Yarn Bomb Tribute

The summer Olympics this year take place in London. An anonymous Yarnbomber in Saltburn, in North Yorkshire has created a worthy tribute for the honor bestowed upon England.

Photo copyright North News & Pictures Ltd

The town’s pier is covered with a 50 yard long scarf! Almost every Olympic event is represented on this woolie wonder! The knit athletes are quite detailed and range from swimmers to sharp shooters and gymnasts.

To read the full article, click here.

I wonder if the Saltburn Yarnbomber’s identity will ever be known. Or if the motivation and cost, both time and financial, will ever be learned.

Take care Spud & Chloë Pals!