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April 9, 2015

Stripey Fine Pattern Inspiration with Virginia Sattler-Reimer

Have you gotten a chance to check out our new Stripey Fine yarn at your LYS? We’ve enjoyed seeing photos of Stripey Fine as it arrives at our Spud & Chloë Stockists, and we’re even starting to see projects pop up on Ravelry! What’s even more exciting are the two newest designs by Virginia Sattler-Reimer which use both Fine and Stripey Fine yarn to create unique accessories for spring. We recently had a chance to catch up with Virginia, who gave us an inside peek at her design process for Goldberry’s Socks and the Clearwater Cowl designs which were recently published on Ravelry. Enjoy!

When I had the opportunity to try Stripey Fine, I was thrilled because I really love Fine; the fiber combination and the way it’s spun gives it a unique hand that is perfect for so many projects. I was excited to combine Stripey Fine with the solid palette of Fine, and decided to take two separate approaches for my latest designs.

For Goldberry’s Socks, I knew that I wanted the grey cuff, heel and toe (shown in #7822 Sidewalk) to set off the sunshiny colors of the Stripey Fine (shown in #7865 Orange Cream), allowing the self-striping pattern to take center stage. The sock is named for a mysterious and lighthearted character from The Lord of the Rings, Goldberry, whose singing is like the sun shining out from grey clouds. Her presence is as uplifting and comforting as these socks are in the middle of winter: a little sunshine for your feet!

With the Clearwater Cowl, I decided to pair a solid color of Fine (shown here in #7809 Snorkel) with a coordinating color of Stripey Fine (shown here in #7863 Blueberry Cheesecake). By using one of the colors which appears in the variegated colorway, the contrasting colors “pop” just a little bit more while the overall variegated effect is toned down. The cowl is knit at a larger gauge to create a looser, squishy accessory which would complete any casual look!

March 24, 2015

Stripey Fine Blog Tour Wrap-Up

Our Stripey Fine Blog Tour has come to a close, and we hope you enjoyed getting a closer look at our 7 new variegated colorways on each tour stop along the way.

On our final stop, we saw the Stripey Wristlets pattern knit up in #7863 Blueberry Cheesecake on the Handmade by Stefanie blog.

Stripey Fine has been mentioned on several recent episodes of the Stockinette Zombies podcast, and cohost Megan Williams knit a pair of our Popsicle Socks in #7861 Mint Chip which you can see here on Ravelry. In fact, Spud & Chloë is this month’s Self-Striping giveaway sponsor: click here to find out how you can enter for your chance to win some skeins of Stripey Fine yarn of your very own in the Stockinette Zombies Ravelry Group.

Near the end of February, Jean Chung shared her Popsicle Socks-in-progress in #7866 Cherry Sundae on the Candy & Bagel blog; we can’t wait to see the finished pair!

We’re starting to see projects popping up on Ravelry featuring Stripey Fine, and we hope you’ll be inspired to start something new this spring! Be sure to share your projects using Spud & Chloë yarns here in our Ravelry group or use the #spudandchloe hashtag when you post your photo online. Happy stitching!

March 10, 2015

Guest Post: Kate Oates

Today, knitwear designer Kate Oates of Tot Toppers and When I Grow Up shares 3 of her latest designs featuring Spud & Chloë yarns from her new book, Knits for Boys. This book features stylish knits for sweaters, tops, vests, hoodies, mittens, hats and more which are designed especially for boys and sized from 4-12. It also features a reference section on how to knit for kids: choosing colors and styles, sizing, how to make a sweater “grow with” your child, how to find a comfortable fit, and even tutorials on simple additions to any design like hoods and installing zippers. In her non-knitting life, Kate holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Florida. She lives with her family in South Carolina, which includes her husband and 4 boys (who also happen to be the Tot Toppers models). Enjoy! 

The Stripy Socks are a basic toe-up sock with some funky color thrown in, shown here in Spud & Chloë Fine yarn in #7809 Snorkel, #7822 Sidewalk, and #7806 Calypso. It’s a great template pattern, meaning that you can use it over and over again by adding your own variety of colorwork or more stripes – you could even knit it up in the new Stripey Fine yarn!

The T-Rex Graphic Pullover, knit in Spud & Chloë Sweater, is one of my personal favorites. It’s a basic pullover worked from the top down with the addition of a fun graphic accent that my dino-crazy boys adore. The print is worked intarsia, but a short row wrap & turn technique allows for you to still work the piece seamlessly. The cuff and hems on the sweater are worked with a rolled knit edge, which allows for extra length to be knit to make it last for longer, and also makes it easy to add length on a year down the road if desired.

The Outdoorsy Sweater is knit in Spud & Chloë Outer, shown here in #7212 Sandbox. This sweater is part of the Grow-With-Me component of the book, which means it has built-in growing room worked into the pattern. To begin with, the sleeves can be flipped up or down, and the overall length of the sweater is extra-long with additional ease built in for many years of wear. Since it’s worked from the top down (seamlessly, of course!), the hems can be ripped out later on to add length to the body and sleeves as needed.


February 24, 2015

Catching Up With The Stripey Fine Blog Tour

Since introducing Stripey Fine last month, we’ve been visiting a new knitting blog each week to see a featured colorway and pattern as part of the Stripey Fine Blog Tour! Below, you’ll find a quick recap which includes links to more in-depth reviews, giveaways, and discount codes good towards each featured pattern. Enjoy!

On the Hands Occupied blog, we saw #7865 Orange Cream knit up in our newest design, the Stripey Wristlets by Sarah Smuland. These mitts knit up quickly using only one hank of Stripey Fine, and you can enter STRIPEY to get 50% off your Ravelry PDF purchase!

At Little Things Blogged, our Dial Up Gloves pattern was showcased in #7860 Tootie Fruitie. While the giveaway has ended, you can still snag a PDF download of this pattern on Ravelry for 50% off when entering STRIPEY at checkout.

Over at Miso Crafty Knits, our Lots O’ Socks patterns were knitting up rather nicely in #7861 Mint Chip. This versatile sock pattern offers a variety of sizes from newborn to child, and it’s available for 50% off on Ravelry for a limited time when you enter STRIPEY at checkout!

Where will you see Stripey Fine next? The following tour stops will be featuring these colorways and patterns (not to mention, the chance to win some fabulous Stripey Fine prize packs!):

On February 27, visit the Candy & Bagel blog to see our Popsicle Socks pattern knit up in #7866 Cherry Sundae. In the mean time, you can save 50% off your PDF purchase of this pattern on Ravelry by entering STRIPEY at checkout!

On March 2, check out the Stockinette Zombies podcast to see our Popsicle Socks pattern knit up in a different colorway of Stripey Fine, #7864 Grape Freeze! The #7861 Mint Chip colorway will also be featured at this stop.

Our final stop will be on March 13, where we’ll visit the Handmade by Stefanie blog to see the Stripey Wristlets knit up in #7863 Blueberry Cheesecake. As you probably guessed, you can use the STRIPEY coupon code to save 50% off your Ravelry PDF purchase of the Stripey Wristlets pattern if you’d like to start knitting right away!

February 4, 2015

Guest Blogger: Pam Powers

Today, knitwear designer Pam Powers shares two of her newest designs using Spud & Chloë yarn. Pam first learned to knit from her grandmother as a young child, but didn’t pick up her needles again til her thirties. Since then, Pam has self-published many patterns, and her recent work has focused mainly on designing accessories. Pam adds a feminine touch to both of the modern pieces featured below; they’re a lovely reminder that spring is just around the corner!

When selecting projects for my book, Dress-to-Impress Knitted Scarves, I wanted to have a wide range of projects from more complex, lengthy designs to quick knits. And when we’re talking about “fast”, using bulky yarn is the way to go. Spud & Chloë Outer is absolutely my favorite bulky yarn to work with. It’s a super soft blend of wool and organic cotton that comes in beautiful, fun colors.

Sweetheart Cowl and Primrose Ascot are the two designs from my book using Outer. I wanted these bulky designs to still retain femininity to them, with a cozy handmade feel.

Sweetheart Cowl uses a simple, straightforward 8-stitch lace pattern worked in the round. The turned-under picot edging makes sweet scalloped ends, and only two skeins needed to complete this project.

The buttons are from a UK web store, Textilegarden.com, that has fabulous new and vintage buttons and closures. The shape is slightly wider on the bottom end so that the cowl drapes nicely.

Primrose Ascot is the cover design, so what more can I say? Like Sweetheart Cowl, this is another two-skein project with picot edging. The body of the scarf is knit flat and horizontally, and then the two asymmetrical leaves are knit from stitches picked up on both side edges.

There is a pull-through slot, so no need for a bulky tie. The rose is made separately and shaped by working in Stockinette stitch for 3 rows, then working the next row by rotating the knitted fabric 360 degrees, causing a twist that forms the “petals”. I could also see doing this piece with a cluster of 3 smaller roses.