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December 14, 2012

The Whole Gang Gaiter

A two-hank wonder!

Surprise! It’s the whole Spud & Chloë Gang, all wearing their holiday presents! I knit all these gaiters to keep everyone warm this year for when:

Top row, l to r:

Jason goes hunting in Buoy #7219.

Colleen walks her dog in Hedge #7210 and Giggle #7215.

Jared goes snowmobiling in Flannel #7201.

Sue runs errands in Snow Day #7216 and Rhino #7220.

Nate chops wood in Carbon #7203.

Middle row, l to r:

Ria takes her kids to school in Rocket #7211 and Ballerina #7214.

Neighbor Jillian shovels her walk in Wave #7217 and Bubble #7213.

I travel all the way back home in Peat #7204 and Fearless #7218.

Bottom row, l to r:

Blue watches for squirrels in Cedar #7209 and Cornsilk #7208.

Linda takes care of her alpacas in Bayou #7207 and Soapstone #7200.

Auntie Sarah feeds her chickens in Sequoia #7205 and Sandbox #7212.

Not pictured:

Karen plays with her grandbaby in the snow in Sunkissed #7206 and Sugar Plum #7221.

The whole gang will be warm this winter! And now, you, too, can keep your whole gang warm with this free pattern!

Super speedy… you still have time to make this holiday knit!

The Details

Pattern: The Whole Gang Gaiter
Designer: The Spud & Chloë Staff
Size: 13″ length x 20″ circumference
Needles: Size 11 (8mm) 16” circular needle, or size needed to obtain gauge
Yarn: Spud & Chloë Outer
To download the pattern click here.

May 11, 2012

Dogwood Set

It’s so pretty, it was impossible to wait!

Plus, its going to be winter in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere soon!

Beautiful mittens and a matching slip stitch cowl.

Jane Richmond designed this excellent set for Spud & Chloë Outer.

Simple and classic with delightful details.

Punchy color with playful details.

You can download the Dogwood Set right here!

Even if you don’t live in the Southern Hemisphere you could take a cue from me.

Crank the air and knit the Dogwood Set anyway!

Take care Pals!

February 22, 2012

We Think You’re Swell

CHLOE:  Spud, that’s not how you wear it!

SPUD:  What is “it”?

CHLOE:  a Cowl

SPUD:  a Howl?

CHLOE:  a C-O-W-L. Like a scarf only knit in a loop.

SPUD:  Cowl – Shmowl…ZZZZZ

Well, Spud & Chloë Pals, do we have a treat for you. The Swell Cowl, a pattern by Melissa LaBarre is worked in three hanks of Spud & Chloë Outer. The sample shown uses Wave (7217) and is a nice bright pop of color in February.

A quick and speedy knit, just in time for the end of winter.

It’s always nice to have a new, cuddly knit right at the end of dreary winter.

You can download the free Swell Cowl, right here

Wave 7217 is such a beautiful blue.

Melissa is a talented designer that the whole gang admires a great deal. In fact, we think she’s really interesting and have a lot more Melissa fun in store for you soon! I have this cowl on the needles in Sequoia (7205). I felt a tug to do a red project in February, I’ll have pictures soon. The stitch pattern is fun and easy to memorize. The Swell Cowl is a nice project to come home to after a day at work. Just me, the squishy, soft Spud & Chloë Outer on my needles and a movie. To be perfectly honest, a cup of tea and a cat in my lap too. Life is good.

Have a Swell day my Spud & Chloë Pals.

And don’t forget to download your copy of the Swell Cowl.


November 30, 2011

Double Garter Cowl ~ Free Pattern!

double garter cowl double garter cowl double garter cowl

Hi Spud & Chloë Friends,

I have the perfect quick holiday knit for you today. My new Double Garter Cowl is über-fast and fun. The stitch pattern is a double garter stitch, obviously, and if you haven’t done this one before you should really give it a whirl. The stitch is found on p.134 of Barbara Walker’s A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns. The way I learned how to do this stitch is through a video and if you’d like to make the cowl I highly suggest you go watch this clear demonstration of the double garter stitch.

Click here for the video tutorial on double garter stitch.

double garter cowl double garter cowl double garter cowl

After the preparation row, it is a one row repeat. The pattern is so easy that I am just going to tell you about it right here.

Finished measurements after blocking: 10-inches wide and about 50-inches in circumference (measurements will vary depending on how much or little the cowl is blocked and stretched because this is a very stretchy stitch pattern)

Yarn: 2 hanks of Spud & Chloë Outer , the sample is in Hedge #7210, (65% superwash wool, 35% organic cotton, 100 grams/60 yards)

Needles: US size 15

Gauge: 2 stitches per inch in stockinette stitch


Using a provisional cast on (I did a video tutorial for this right here!), cast on 24 stitches.

Work in double garter stitch until your yarn nearly runs out, leaving a 15-inch end.

Double garter stitch:

Row 1: knit 1 stitch, then knit each stitch wrapping the yarn twice for every stitch

Row 2: k1 leaving the second loop on the needle, *knit the loop along with the first loop of the next stitch and wrapping twice, repeat from * across the row.

Repeat row 2.

When the yarn runs out or you have reached the desired length, kitchener  stitch the ends together. Weave in the ends and block as desired. I gave my cowl a good steam and that’s it!

If the double garter stitch seems confusing when written out, please go watch the video. It will become crystal clear and it is not difficult. I promise.

Also, I know this is garter stitch but I used the regular old kitchener stitch to graft the ends and it looks fine.

I love this cowl. It can be worn wrapped once or twice around your neck. It has an interesting stitch pattern that looks the same on both sides. Best of all, it is fast, fast, fast which makes it the perfect gift knitting project.

Have fun!

Click here to download the PDF version of the Double Garter Cowl free pattern.

Click here for the Ravelry project page for the Double Garter Cowl.

Next up, that incredible sweater pattern and kit I told you about last time…..

May 27, 2011

Reversible Rib and Lace Scarf ~ Free Pattern!

Hi Spud & Chloë Friends,

Even though I get excited about new toy, hat, sweater and blanket designs, nothing excites me more than a really great scarf. The Reversible Rib and Lace Scarf is easily my new favorite. I used 2 hanks of the new colorway, Skydiver #7520 (available this June!), to make this light and airy scarf. It is such a winning combination of color and stitch pattern and size. I am thrilled with the final result.

Here is some information you might like to know:


Finished measurements: 6 inches by 72 inches

Yarn: Spud & Chloë Sweater (55% superwash wool, 45% organic cotton; 100 grams/160 yards), 2 hanks in Skydiver #7520

Needles: US size 9 or size to obtain gauge

Gauge: 4 stitches per inch in stockinette stitch



Yarn needle

Tape measure

Note: The stitch pattern used in this scarf is an adapted stitch pattern from Reversible Knitting – 50 Brand-New, Groundbreaking Stitch Patterns by Lynne Barr.

After blocking this scarf took on such fantastic stitch definition. You can see the front and back of the scarf in the photo above. By combining the lace pattern with the rib pattern you get a completely reversible and interesting design which is always appreciated for a scarf.

I like a long scarf that can be wrapped about your neck two or three times or worn a multitude of ways. I really can’t emphasize how light and airy the scarf feels. It will be perfect for cool summer nights or spring or fall or winter nights at that. This is a year-round project.

The stitch pattern is 6 rows and is easily memorized after a few times through.

The new Skydiver colorway is dreamy but any color in Sweater will make a gorgeous scarf.

I wish I could keep this one but it will be sent off to your favorite Spud & Chloë local yarn shops in trunk shows. I will have to make one for myself to keep. I’m adding it to my list right now.


Click here to download the free pattern for the Reversible Rib and Lace Scarf!

Click here for the Ravelry project page for the Reversible Rib and Lace Scarf!