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The Classics

Some stories never fail to enchant and entertain. We never grow too old because the stories themselves seem to know no era.

Being a voracious reader and working with textiles, it’s easy to see why combining those two loves into the Penguin Threads series is an absolute delight that must be part of any collection!

Photo © Penguin Classics

With six books in the series, the stunning embroidery work of Jillian Tamaki embodies the stories themselves. Watch an interview with Ms. Tamaki about her personal connection to the stories and Paul Buckley, Penguin Art Director, here.

Photo © Penguin Classics

No matter if your childhood fondness is for The Secret GardenBlack BeautyEmma, The Wind in the WillowsLittle Women, or The Wizard of Oz, these timeless stories have been made even more enchanting with a rich textile tradition adorning the artful covers.

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