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June 29, 2012

TNNA Recap

The Spud & Chloë side of the TNNA booth.

This past weekend, the Spud & Chloë team traveled to Columbus, Ohio for TNNA (The National Needlearts Association) Show. We had a blast!

The booth, after it was all put together, turned out to be a sweet, Spud & Chloë hangout. I love the Tornado Twist hanging from our colorful hutch. It was a popular pattern in Spud & Chloë Fine, crocheters were pleased and knitters were intrigued.

The tomato cages are full of our new Spud & Chloë colors, they were my favorite part of the booth. Totally awesome!

Spud & Chloë color cannot be beat.

One side of the booth was dedicated to all things Spud & Chloë (the other side featured Blue Sky Alpacas our sister brand).

The new colors of Spud & Chloë Sweater and Outer made their debut at TNNA. In Sweater there is Life Jacket, Billiard, and Tiny Dancer. In Outer there is Rhino, Buoy, Sugar Plum, and Fearless. The whole new collection of patterns was there to check out as well.

The buzz in the atmosphere was practically palpable.

Don’t you just love the one-of-a-kind UpCycled Project Bags hanging on the wall like a color wheel? Love that!

You never forget the first booth you help with.

Our Spud & Chloë stockists, both loyal and new, thought the booth turned out great! Shop owners couldn’t wait to start knitting the new colors and new patterns.

Putting a Spud & Chloë collection together takes effort and many people working together. To be at TNNA, seeing the results and how pleased everyone was got the whole team psyched to start the process all over again.

Your enthusiasm is contagious! It was an absolute pleasure to meet the many shop owners, designers, editors, and industry leaders that come to TNNA.

The 2012 Show was a big success for the Spud & Chloë team and I cannot wait for next year. We hope you all had a great show too.

Be on the lookout at your LYS, the good stuff is on the way.

Take care Pals!

June 20, 2012

Step Eight (Finito!)

Blocking makes a world of difference.

The ends are woven. The blocking is finished. All that’s left to do is wear this, everywhere!

This video from Webs is really helpful in demonstrating blocking lace to open up the pattern.

I don’t mind blocking so much, the results speak for themselves.

The transformation makes all the hard knitting work so worthwhile.

Close up and blocked the lovely lace stitch patterns really come into focus.

Please get in touch with me if you have a Trifecta Knitalong project that you would like to share on the blog.

I will definitely be looking for input into the next Spud & Chloë Knitalong, so start brainstorming…

Take care Pals!

June 15, 2012

Step Seven (So Close!)

Trifecta, prior to blocking

All the knitting is done! All that’s left is blocking and weaving in the ends.

That was a marathon! I love how this looks all knit up though. The colors really sing to me.

I had to share one of my all-time favorite videos on weaving ends in (from the fabulous Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark). I don’t know anyone that likes to weave in ends, but it must be done.

It’s helpful to see a technique done and become more efficient. The faster the ends are woven away, the sooner its time to knit the next project!

Lace always looks a little wonky prior to blocking.

Just wait until you see this one all complete. So good!

Take care Pals!

June 13, 2012

Yarnbombing or: How We Do Something Better for the Community and Love the Bomb

What do you get when you take Sue Sturdy’s concept, add 1,000 knitters from all over the world, and 16,000 zip ties?

Photo © Sue Sturdy

You get the KNIT CamBRIDGE Project! This is really Yarnbombing I can get behind.

Beautifying the locale.

Sharing Cambridge’s rich textile and manufacturing history.

A sense of community and collaboration from both participants and neighborhood members; local and worldwide.

The best part…after a period of display and beauty, everything will be taken down.

After being professionally cleaned, blankets will be donated to shelters in the area and other pieces will be auctioned off to help raise money for different local charities.

Photo © Annie Bee

As someone who cannot help but wonder, “What happens to all the yarn after the artist leaves? Does someone clean it up? Does it just become litter?”

I think this type of Yarnbombing is the most artistic, beautiful, and beneficial.

Take care Pals!

June 5, 2012

Outer Update!

Brights, braids and big hair?

Libby makes Outer look great!

This amazing wig by one of our designers, Cheryl Nelson, is made using Spud & Chloë Outer in Rocket (7211). Libby, our model, rocks this look! Soon, models will be strutting the look on the TNNA catwalk!

It’s going to be so extreme!

The four new colors of Spud & Chloë Outer

First, we have Fearless (7218)! A bright, bold yellow. A shade of acidic pear, this is my absolute favorite. I have big plans in this color, just you wait and see!

Next up is Buoy (7219)! An intense, punchy orange. Like the perfect shade of a slightly faded life jacket. Remember when we discussed the 2012 color of the year Tangerine Tango? It was an excellent point of inspiration.

Then we have Sugar Plum (7221)! This is a complex, deep and rich plum. Moody and brooding like gray. Regal like a jewel tone. This color will surprise you in the best way possible. We just know you are going to love it.

Last, but not least…Rhino (7220)! This gray is silvery and floaty. Light enough to look like a little slice of perfection when combined with the other colors of the Outer palette, but still a color strong enough to stand on its own. We want to put it with everything!

New Outer Designs

Are you already thinking of projects to make with the new colors? The whole Spud & Chloë gang is!

Just to let you know, we have new Outer patterns too! To whet your appetite we have The Wendy Sweater, the already released and free Dogwood Set, and Situpons!

The new Outer colors and patterns in the awesomesauce Spud & Chloë Fall 2012 Collection will be available at your favorite LYS by the end of June!

Take care Pals!