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May 30, 2010

Popsicle Socks – Pattern Preview!


Hi Spud & Chloë Friends,

I have another pattern preview for you today. I am starting with my two patterns because I have the most to say about them. I started this colorful pair of knee length socks at the end of last summer.

My family took a family trip up north to Door County, Wisconsin. We stayed in a gorgeous modern house that I fell in love with. I had packed up a bag filled with wound skeins of Fine in all of the available colorways at that time. I would just sit in this wonderful red chair and add stripe after stripe. Every once in awhile I would stop and read my book. That’s a good book by the way. It was all so relaxing. I have fond memories of knitting those socks.

Here are a couple of the skeins just waiting to be added to the socks. These socks are addicting because you can’t wait to add the next color. I wrote the pattern to fit child to adult sizes. What I always do when I am working with lots colors and stripes is stop after every 3 to 4 color changes and I weave in the ends. Then at the end of the knitting I am pretty much done with the socks except for a few more ends to weave in. Clean up as you go! That’s my tip for the day.

Here are a couple of shots on my sock blockers. You can wear these scrunched up and slouchy or…

…pulled up high like knee socks.

Either way you can’t lose. They are fun to make and fun to wear! The pattern is available in mid-June through the Spud & Chloë pattern line which is sold in local yarn shops and online yarn shops.

Click here for the Ravelry project page for the Popsicle Socks!

I’ll be back soon with more!

May 27, 2010

Buga Baby Bunting!

Hi Spud & Chloë Friends,

I have been given the green light to start previewing the new Spud & Chloë patterns for the upcoming season. I will be previewing the patterns and more of the new yarn colors over the next couple of weeks. I am so excited about all of it and I hope you will be, too. The new patterns and yarn colors will all be available at your local yarn shops and online yarn shops in mid-June. That is coming up quick.

I thought I would start today with one of my new patterns for the upcoming collection. It is called the Buga Baby Bunting and is knit up in the ever-scrumptious Outer in the Cornsilk colorway. It is a little snuggle sack for a new baby! The ears on the hood only add to the sweetness.

I love the photo for the pattern. That tiny pink foot peeking out is the best! Delicious.

I took some quick photos of the snuggle sack before I sent it off to the Spud & Chloë headquarters. It is such a cute and fast knit in the super bulky weight yarn. I used US size 15 needles at 2 stitches per inch. Speedy. I left the bottom open for ease when buckling the baby in a car seat.

The body is knit in one piece and set aside. Then the hood is knit and grafted to the body. The ribbed edging is picked up after.

To keep things simple I added an easy bobble and loop for a closure. You could easily add a securely attached button here instead if you’d like. It’s up to you.

The Outer is a squishy treat to knit with. It makes me want to dive in every time. Love it!!

The Collector wanted to keep the bunting for her baby but it had to go. Her baby doll is a true newborn size. The bunting fits a newborn baby with lots of wiggle room and will fit up to about a 3 month old baby. It is a swaddle sack and babies older than that may find it a bit of a squeeze.

What a great go-to gift for the new baby in your life! In a few short hours you can whip up the Buga Baby Bunting and have the perfect hand-knit gift.

There is lots of inspiration to come through the new colors and patterns.

I’ll be back soon with more!

May 23, 2010

Baby Mitts – Free Pattern!

Hi Spud & Chloë Friends,

This is the final project using the leftovers from the Dream Catcher Baby Blanket Sweater yarn. The finale pattern is for the sweetest and easiest teeny-tiny baby mittens, the thumbless sort. Be sure to check out the blanket and hat that along with the mitts complete this super-duper baby set:

Dream Catcher Baby Blanket

Dream Catcher Hat

There will plenty of yarn leftover to also make the Jelly Bean Baby Socks if you’d like.

I made them mix and match. I love all sorts of items like socks and mittens that go together but aren’t exactly the same. You can make the pair matching or not. It’s up to you! Here is some information you might like to know about this pattern:


Size: 0-6 months

Note: The mittens can be made larger by increasing the number of stitches by increments of 4 stitches and then adding length as needed.

Yarn: Spud & Chloë Sweater (55% superwash wool, 45% organic cotton; 100 grams/160 yards), small amounts in Pollen #7508, Grass #7502, Splash #7510, Firefly #7505 and Watermelon #7512

Needles: US size 7 double-pointed needles set of 4 or the size needed to obtain the gauge

Gauge: 5 stitches per inch


I always had these little thumbless mitts on my babies when they were tiny but my version always had a string to attach them. I would run the string through the sleeves of their sweater or jacket. Nowadays I am not sure if this is considered safe so I didn’t add a string to the pattern. Mittens on a string sure are cute though.

The Baby Mitts can be made in no time at all. This is an awesome go-to gift item when you need something sweet and handmade but don’t have lots of time to get it done.

Sometimes I look at the string and sticks in front of me and I can’t believe all of the cool stuff that can be made from such simple materials. That’s what makes knitting so extraordinary. The sky is the limit.

Have fun with your tiny Baby Mitts, Knitters.

Click here to download the free pattern for Baby Mitts!

Click here for the Ravelry project page for the Baby Mitts!

May 22, 2010

Knitting Mitties

Hi Spud & Chloë Friends,

What a beautiful Saturday morning it is. I have spent much of the morning knitting away. It’s been so peaceful even with a house full of kids and visiting cousins under our roof. This is the view from my chair today. I love how my daughter leaves her baby doll in my studio to keep me company. Strangely enough the doll does keep me company because she makes me think of my daughter while she is at school. It’s kind of funny.

I am having so much fun making these little mix and match baby mitts out of Spud & Chloë Sweater. You recognize those colors, right? Those are still the leftovers from the Dream Catcher Baby Blanket. Originally I thought about making some booties out of the leftovers but then I remembered the Jelly Bean Baby Socks. Those tiny socks are perfect for using up odds and ends of Sweater. Instead I thought I would add some sweet and simple baby mitties, the kind without thumbs. My babies wore these kind of mitts all of the time. You could easily knit the blanket, the hat, the mitts (coming soon) and the baby socks using up the leftovers from the blanket Sweater yarn. That would add up to make one incredible baby gift.

I’ll be back soon with the pattern for you. Have a good weekend everyone!

May 15, 2010

Loops – Featured Shop

Hi Spud & Chloë Friends,

Last December I had the privilege of visiting a fantastic yarn shop while I was on my book tour in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The shop is called Loops. I was so impressed that I want to make sure to share this knitting hotspot with all of you. The shop is nestled in an upscale outdoor shopping center. There are restaurants and bakeries and beautiful shops surrounding the knit shop which makes Loops a real destination for knitters from all over. You can really make a day of it when coming to Loops but on the other hand it is completely accessible for a quick run in and out as well. The shop is a bubbling hub of yarn-induced excitement from both the staff and customers alike.

One of the main reasons I want to feature Loops is that they are a strong supporter of Spud & Chloë and Blue Sky Alpacas. The owner, Shelley, told me that when Spud & Chloë first came on the market she already had such a trust in the Blue Sky brand that she ordered everything available sight unseen. That is some good faith! Shelley’s enthusiasm for Spud & Chloë is apparent throughout the shop.

Loops is a beautifully organized and huge shop. It is an experience kind of place. It is comfortable, easy and is staffed with some of the friendliest and smartest knitters around. The staff is positive and extremely helpful.

I love the way the shop is laid out with cubbies of yarn, samples and patterns all right together which makes for some of the easiest project shopping I’ve ever seen. It’s all right there in front of you. Together. The online shop is organized in the friendliest way as well. Be sure to check out the Spud & Chloë section of Loops’ online shop.

Loops is laden with samples at every turn. I like the way the samples the staff knits are done up in different colorways of Spud & Chloë yarn so the knitter can see the project in a variety of options. The Sidecar Jacket is gorgeous in the Carbon #7203 Outer colorway.

The Spud & Chloë pattern boxes filled with our patterns are always set right above or next to the yarn in the displays for easy access. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without my pattern box at home. It helps so much to keep my patterns organized and in perfect condition. If you don’t have a pattern box yet to store your S & C pattern collection you should really look into getting one. It is an inexpensive and good investment. Any yarn shop carrying Spud & Chloë can easily get you a pattern box if they don’t have it on hand in the shop.

Loops has their Spud & Chloë Fine alongside their other sock yarns which is a smart move. I think sock knitters like to see their sock yarn selections all in one spot. Fine is such a standout for its vibrant saturated solid colors and subtle sheen (due to the silk). There is nothing else like it.

I love this version of the Camp Hoodie I designed out of Sweater for the Spud & Chloë pattern line. At some point soon I have to make a Camp Hoodie for myself. I would wear it night and day. I might just make it using these colors I like it so much.

I can’t recommend Loops in Tulsa and their online shop highly enough. The online shop is all organized and broken down for easy, simple access to all of our products. Loops is carrying the complete yarn and pattern line for Spud & Chloë. I get asked all of the time where to find Spud & Chloë yarn and patterns. Loops has it all at your fingertips in person and online. Here you go!

Click here to visit Loops’ online Spud & Chloë shop!

Click here to visit the Loops website!

Here is the general information about the shop:

Loops, a yarn store

2042 Utica Square
Tulsa, OK 74114
phone: 918.742.YARN
toll free: 1-877-LOOPSOK
fax: 918.742.2993

I wouldn’t hesitate to call (toll free number) or email Loops for personal assistance of any sort. They are so helpful and patient and kind to their customers. I saw this firsthand! They will help you with yarn questions, pattern concerns, sending gifts, customizing an order. Anything!

I hope you can all take advantage of this topnotch retail spot for Spud & Chloë! Thank you, Loops!